"Prefect"- the word derived from the Latin word praefectus, which means ‘make in front’, i.e., put in charge. The induction of Prefect system helps the young, enthusiastic lads to take their first step in the new areas of responsible living. The prefects at St. Joseph’s join hands with the teachers in creating an environment where they can act and achieve new heights with courage and confidence. They assist the teachers to maintain discipline and the code of conduct in bringing a befitting ground to embellish the skills of learning. Prefects share a lot of responsibility in organising and executing an array of events for students and parents at school. The Prefects patrol at the hallways during the school hours to maintain general discipline of the school. Mohammed Akshay of XC takes the lead as the Head Prefect of the High school section and Vinod Mohanan 12.E in the Higher Secondary section. We teachers, remain grateful and appreciate the laudable effort taken up by our 80 prefects during this academic year. Let your stride keep us ahead in the coming years